Paropikia is the Capital, the commercial and passenger port and the center of each activity in Paros. The community ensures a comfortable stay providing all the services of a modern tourist city. Here operate branches of most banks, post office, health centers, tourist offices, rental offices etc.

Moreover, the choice of accommodation is not difficult at all, because Paroikia offers a wide range of accommodation (hotels, apartments, camping). Concerning your gastronomy quest, you will find plenty of snack bars, taverns and restaurants offering both traditional and international cuisine. Of course Paroikia is well known for its nightlife. If you choose Paroikia as your next tourist destination you should be prepared for loud music, dancing and drinking until the wee hours!

In the alleys of the old city around the Castle and the promenade are located shops of every kind, while the coexistence of traditional Cycladic houses with the neoclassical mansions, ancient monuments, bridges, fountains and small churches form a mosaic of styles and eras that will fascinate you. During your stay, you should definitely visit Ekatontapyliani Church that dates back to the 4th century AD. The Venetian Castle at the top of the hill offers magnificent view. The archaeological sites of Pythio – Asklipieio and Delio will travel you back in antiquity. Nearby the settlement are located the beaches Krios and Parasporos.


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